Tuesday, February 27, 2018

3D Printed iPad Stand 2018

Challenge: For student to create a working iPad stand for use in the classroom.
Above: Design shown from above, note headphones holder.
Background: Student was looking to design a stand for her iPad in the classroom, to allow it to be tilted and to have a storage space as part of the design for her headphones (button).   Student was also wanting to personalise her work by including her name as part of the design.  Student worked to design the holder for an iPad Mini.   She is ten years old.   Student used Tinkercad to create the main design features for this.  She had previously been in the classroom where another student had produced first a delux iPad stand model and another student had created a more detailed design that was also featured as a post on this blog.   This student was working independently and was less inclined to add additional features. 
Above: iPad holder in use
Level of Difficulty: Medium - this was a seriveable print that relied on particular angles specific to the Mini iPad.    The student minimised the complexity of the base. 
Timeframe: Eight hours - this is considerably less than the delux versions that were produced last year.   This is reflected in the relative deisgn simplicity.   This would be considered probably the minmum dimesions for this design to work, and have enough weight to hold the iPad in place.
Size: The main base for the print, the square was 100mm by 100mm.  The battery part of the design was an additional rectangle 50mm by 40mm.  The width of the print walls was universally 5mm.  The bar at the front to hold the iPad in place was 20mm high, and a square of 10mm.   The height of the design at the back, where the iPad rested was 90mm. 
Above: personalised with name at front of design
What we would do differently: The student had a specific goal in mind which as detailed above was to produce a working iPad stand and this was completed.   While there was little additional material added to the design (other than some of the delux models mentioned/blogged about previously).  The student has stated that they are not intending to repeat the print/process.
Next steps for students: More challenging projects to work outside of comfort zone to create unique and original project.  This design has successfully completed the task.

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