Sunday, February 18, 2018

3D Printed Desk Organiser - 2018 Versions

Above: Design shown with rafting (minimal) removed
Challenge: Students are enouraged in the classroom to create an original 3D Printing design that has a purpose.   Generally the projects are encouraged to be created without third part involvement.
Background: Student has been involved in 3D Printing opportunities within the classroom setting for the past two years.  She is a ten year old student who wanted to start a design.  She had other students that had produced prints along this theme or design, such as the 'Minions' inspired desk organiser previoulsy featured on this blog.  Student was able to produce this print on her own without input from the teacher.  She ran through two draft prints which were shown to be undersized, although the design was what she wanted.   The intention was to have an area for her pencils in one of the containers and pens in the other.  She ensured that the depth of the containers would hold the pens and the weight of the container would allow it to be used in the classroom.
Above: Design shown from above
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  Student had to refine design to ensure that the size of it matched the purpose that she intended (hence the two draft prints that were re-designed).  Student was able to print this independently.
Timeframe: Fourteen hour print.  The design had space to hold some stationary, the width of the holders was between 1.5cm and 5mm.    The name plate at the back was a solid block.
Size: The square base plate was a square that measured 11cm by 11cm.   It had a depth of 1cm.   The first holder, measured 65mm high and was 50mm across.  It had a width of between 5mm and 7.5mm.    The second holder had a height of 100mm and was 65mm across.  It had a width of the walls of the design of 15mm.  The name block was raised 135mm from the back of the design.  The design measured 80mm across and was 30mm wide.   The 'McKenna' lettering was raised 4mm from the top of the base of the shape.    Given the dimensions of the design and the purpose of the shape this would probably be the minimum required for it to be successful.
What we would do differently: When the design was originally created the student had not measured the dimensions of the design to her satisfaction.   She could have mocked it up using paper or cardboard first to ensure that the size was what was requested.
Next Steps for Students: This has successfully completed the brief for the student, and the print would not require any additional design.

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