Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3D Print School: Building Assignment - Stylus Holder

Completed Design with Stylus inserted
Learning Challenge: As part of the technology program the Senior (Y7/8) students of Auroa Primary School have technology once a week from 9am until 1pm. The focus for the 3D Print Group has been to design a holder for a stylus, suitable for the students to use in the classroom.

Background: Students are in groups/classes of ten. The first task for the seniors was to build a stylus holder.   This was nearly the entire groups first attempt at constructing and designing something with Tinkercad/3D Printing.
Stylus inserted into largest cone shape in visible hole

Task: The design had to be practical and work in a sense that the items that the students created had to be useable.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate. Students had free range with the designs, size varied considerably. The biggest challenge was the size of the hole for the insertion of a stylus.

Issues: The design of building a holder into the actual object caused some difficulty. Most students had not anticipated either the depth of the hole required to be successful, or had the hexagonal shape correctly copied. Initial designs had the name of the students extending from the shape, more effect was had in the repeat prints where the students opted to put their names cut into the holders.
Student name built into the design

Details: As part of the Auroa Primary School Technology Program the first prints came from the first lesson. The Y7/8 students had not trouble coming quickly to grips with Tinkercad. Further details of these projects and examples will be posted on the school website and this post will be updated then. 

Timeframe: Design to construction including detailed planning took an entire session. Prints were run on the lowest quality setting due to the number of prints, however these were more than adequate. 

Modified slightly to hold pen.
Size: Varied in design. A selection of photographs of various projects have been included in this post, the Stylus concerned was a regular stylus used in the classroom to assist their digital learning. 

Process: Paper design, converted to Tinkercad then downloaded for 3D Printing. As per everything else on this site to date was printed on an Ultimaker 2 Using Cura.

Further Reading: Details of the individual student projects will be posted on the school website and this post will be subsequently updated.

How can you contribute: If you have created and printed something similar please let us know.