Sunday, February 4, 2018

3D Printed Catamaran Boat V3.0

Challenge: For student to create a working model of a boat that floats and is able to have a small motorised unit attached to it. 
Background: The students from our classroom (and school) from New Zealand have returned to school and are completing projects that were designed and put together at the end of the 2018 School year.  Previous versions of this print run had been designed to include masts, in the first version, detailed on this blog here.  The second version involved the removal of the masts of the ship, to spend time focussing on the balance and hull.  In the first version there was a middle platform which provided stability, but the student concerned wanted to create a realistic catamaran as possible, hence experimenting wtih removing it. 
Level of Difficulty: High - this is an incresing complex print with a number of factors that are increasing difficult to balance.  The student himself would be one of the most technically gofted design students who consistently shows excellent problem solving and adapting of his designs.
Timeframe: This print took twelve hours and the design required significant rafting.  This should not be considered to be additional to the shape and would need to be required to remain with versions of the print.
Size: The hulls shown in the inserted photographs were 15cm long, had a width of 2cm at their largest and were 5cm from bottom to top.   The strengthening cross beams were 10cm acoss.   The masts shown were 9cm high. 
What would we do differently: This version of the boat was not as successful in terms of how robust, and the balance that it has.  In the previous versions of the print the masts were thinner and the base of the design was balanced by the base.   When tested in water, in the school swimming pool, the boat tended to flip easily and was clearly top heavy.   The student has recognised this fault of the design, and already completed testing with this print and as a result has redesigned it, thinking about balance, and started to look at the design of the Americas Cup Boat.

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