Friday, February 16, 2018

3D Printed Minions Desk Organiser

Challenge: For student to create thier first 3D Print to organise the stationary on their desk.
Background: Student is a Y5 student (nine years old).   She wanted to experiement with two different prints, one being a money box (which is being redesigned) and this one.   It was themed after the 'minions' characters.   This was an original design.   The shape of the minion was created from the tinkercad main template, as you can see from the photograph, it was created using a variety of simple shapes.   This student also had a sibling who has printed and designed projects in the past using Tinkercad and they apparently provided some assistance in the composition and the balance.
Level of Difficulty: Medium this was more complex that it would perhaps appear.   The student concerned had created this design form scratch and featured a number of shapes that needed to be created in relation to each other and size. 
Timeframe: Sixteen hours.   The print was relatively thick in places, this meant the print itself was very robust.   It made it ideally suited for its purpose, it had weight to it, was capable of storing a significant amount of student stationary.   While the print time could have been reduced in time it would have reduced its effectiveness.
Size: 11cm across (length) and 10cm in height.  The thickness of the print, for the main part of the design varied slightly between 15mm and 10mm.   The base of the design was 2cm thick.
What we would do differently:     This is one of the prints that work exceedingly well, and the student was thrilled with the result, it served its purpose successfully and we wouldnt consider altering it or requiring it to be printed again.
Next steps for students: The student needs to move onto other projects, the only possibile addition to this print would be some form of lettering, naming or message which this print did not contain.

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