Monday, February 5, 2018

3D Printed Gift Badge

Challenge: Student wanted to personalise a gift for a family member for their birthday.
Background: Ten year old student was able to independently produce this print from scratch, including all details and scaling (correctly).   Student presented the finished print to the classroom teacher who printed it.  There was no input what-so-ever from the classroom teacher.
Level of Difficulty: Medium the print consisted of a main base with additional lettering, the number seven and the butterfly that was added to it for depth and details.   The student had a particular design in mind and was focussed on this size.
Timeframe: Twelve house - this was primarily the depth of the base, which was one and a half centimetres in depth.   This could potentially have been altered reduced.
Size: From end to end the design measured 15cm across.   As mentioned it had a depth of 1.5 cm for the main base.   The lettering and other features were raised 5mm from the base. 
What we would do differrently: Nothing - the student was able to execute the entire project from start to finish with no input from the teacher, just about perfect.   
Next step for the students: The print was straightforward and the student as repeatedly mentioned took ownership of the entire project.  The student could challenge themselves with using more variation with this kind of design, looking to include perhaps some inter-locking parts or parts that work in combination with others.

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