Monday, February 12, 2018

Student Individualised Badge V3.0

Above: Finished print with name details shown
Challenge: Student was new to the classroom and wanted to create a 3D Print for the first time.  He wanted it to be something that he could take ownership of (and produce himself).
Background: Previous we have used a basic block to form the basis of the base of the lettering for a badge/name plate.   This student instead used a 'wheel' as a base from the interface.  This worked better than previous prints as it reduced the amount of filament required, however the lettering still had enough of a base to hold the lettering in place.  It also had another benefit, once the wheel was produced the matter of producing a way to hang the badge without the need for drilling.  As it clearly showed in the photogrpah the gap between the wheel spokes allowed space for it to be hung.
Level of Difficulty: Low - student was able to produce this design the first time with minimal guidence from other students.  The print depended on a basic design from the Tinkercad interface with the added feature of the lettering of his name.
Timeframe: Two hours forty minutes with a 8mm nozzle.  As mentioned this is considerable shorter than previous prints in this series/design on the basis that the student went with a more interesting design instead of a standard block.
Size: A height of 5cm high, 5mm thick (which allowed the print to be particularly robust) and a length of 9cm.  This obviously was flexible depending on the size.  The print was an introduction to 3D Printing and therefore the size was (relatively) limited.
What we would do differently: This was a set up from previous badges/name plates as for the first time the students changed the backing plate from a simple block to a different shape from the main Tinkercad interface, given this circumstance and the sequence of the print (being the students first) there is nothing that would be significantly changed.
Next Step for the Students: Student could target a specific location to produce a sign for, and make a sign or badge for a specific purpose.  Given that it could be suitable for an out door setting.

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