Monday, February 5, 2018

3D Printed 3D Desk Badge

Above: Desk Badge as shown from above
Challenge: Student wanted to design and create a desk reward.  Student had been at a school where the teacher had a 'badge' which moved from desk to desk to to show the best working student of the week.  Student wanted to continue this idea, but instead of using a pre-bought cup or medal however wanted to create a personalised 'badge' for the student to have sitting on their desk.
Background: Student was inspired to combine ideas that he had seen in the classroom, with an idea that had brought from his previous school, but put the spin of producing something original using a 3D Printer.   The student (who was ten year old) was designing essentially for the first time using the 3D Printer, however they had spent time working on joint projects with other members of the classroom who assisted with the design and the addition of features.
Level of Difficulty: Medium.  The design has a number of additional features placed onto the top of the badge, as shown in the photograph - the point of the triangle was angled. 
Timeframe: Ten hours - there are various additions and changes that could be made to the design to make it more workable (see details below).  There could have been some small changes to be made but given the dimensions of the design the print time would not have been significantly altered.
Size: The base of the design was 12cm across.   The main height of the design was 8cm.   The depth of the badge (width) 1.5cm.   The 'auroa star' font was raised 1cm from the base of the design.
What would we do differently: The badge should have been designed with feet or a means of making itself free standing.  The student assumed that the base of the badge would have been enough for it to have stability, however the weight of the base of the design caused it to tip, when it was supported to stand, the 'auroa star' part of the design needed to be raised from the base to ensure that it was the dominant feature.   The addition of the stars on the top of the badge - could have been more refined, as in a sense the design was to fit as many stars onto it as possible.
Next steps for the students: The student had a positive idea here, however the practicality of the design should have been reserached, in particular the base of the design.  There was a potential here for a movable sign that could be placed on the students desks - perhaps a 'do not disturb sign' or a 'assistance' sign (for student to gain the teachers assistance with completing a task).

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