Sunday, February 25, 2018

3D Printed Student Desk Organiser - Short Term Print

Above: Unicorn design shown prior to removal of rafting
Challenge: To produce an original designed container for student to store work material.
Background: Student was inspired by other creations in this series to produce a desk organiser.   Student is nine years old and has already produced an impressive run of prints, including the horse glow-in-the-dark on a stand.    She was challenged to personalise her design by adding something that could be identified as hers onto the print.  She choose a 'Unicorn' motif that she was able to source from a third part and personalise her design.   Print was produced completly by the student with no input from the classroom teacher.   Student in fact managed to complete the design at home and brought the finished design to school, which was then run through the printer.
Above: Design shown as above
Level of Difficulty - Low, which is a reflection of the work and the confidence that the student is starting to develop with the 3D Printers.  The basic design comes from the Tinkercad main interface.  The student thien shaped it as appropirate.  The additon of the 'Unicorn' motif was a challenge, to be located correctly and was pulled out of the design, instead of being sunken in.
Timeframe: Four hours.   This is considerable shorter than other prints in the series, which are ranging from twelve to twenty hours.  As a consequence this was more realistic print time for a group or class based project where a number of prints could be produced that work together.
Size:  As shown above -  the design is 7cm across from side to side.  The width of the design is 5mm across at all points.   The height of the design is 8cm high.  Given that this was intended to hold pens, pencils and other items of stationary, this would be close to the minimum shape required. 
What we would do differently: The student made a decision to not include their name in the design as the 'Unicorn' was intended as their personalisation.   The student intends to produce a series of this containers using different PLA to produce a different range of designs, and different sizes to then group.
Next steps for the student:  This design has been more or less mastered and the student needs to move forward to challenge themselves in other ways on other projects.
Print Notes: 8mm/Dark Green PLA/(Sun Brand).   Created in Tinkercad.  Printed UM2+.

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