Thursday, February 8, 2018

3D Printed Week One Projects 2018

Left: Introductory print - approximate time - forty minutes.   Student was experimenting with using a 3D Printer for the first time, and the design was straightforward.

This print measured only three cenitmetres across, reflected in its print time.
 Left: Basic name badge- wheel design.  Student crreated a badge featuring their name, using the Tinkercad Interface template.   Student then personalised it by adding the name.   The wheel base allowed the potential for this to be hung or pinned. 

Print time- approx. two hours.  Size as shown in the photograph.   9cm across. 
 Left: A shopkins inspired original created print.  Student used the Tinkercad template interface to create the 'chocolate block effect.   Student used the same template to create the face image on the bottom of the design, and intends to spray paint the design further.

Print time - two hours.   Design was 6cm across 12cm deep and had a width of 1cm
Left: Personalised student desk tidy prototype.  Student was looking at creating an original design to store their stationary, personalised with their name.   The final design is going to be approx four times the size of the shown design.

Print time - four hours (prototype) final product is expected to be in the twelve to sixteen hour range and size of print will reflect this.

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