Thursday, March 1, 2018

3D Printed Student Desk Organiser - 2018 Verison 3.0

Above: Design prior to rafting removal.
Challenge: For student to create, design and print a 3D Print that would allow the storage of student in the classroom. 
Background: Student has had experience with other students in the classroom producing a series of prints in this range.   She wanted to personalised her print, and also include an ability to hang her headphones from the design.  Furthermore she was looking for specific space for a sharpner to build into the design.  Student is ten years old and was working independently in her own time to produce this design, which was created in Tinkercad.  It was sent back for several redesigns as the initial plans had seperated parts that needed to be grouped correctly.  The student was working independently for the first time on a significant project.
Print in use - note missing letters
Level of Difficutly: High - this was elevated from some of the prints in the series because of the additional features.  The name was attatched to the base of the design, on the outside.   The bar designed for the headphones was partially successful.  The insert for the sharper did not acheive the desired size to house the sharpner, however the idea itself was inspiring.
Timeframe - Fourteen hours, a significant print.   As per normal 8mm nozzle and regular PLA, a Tinkercad Import and then a print on CURA (The Ulitmaker 2 Software).   Significant revision of the design would be required to be successful.
Size: 11cm by 10cm across.  A height of 12cm.  The headphone holder was 4cm across.  Revision of this print would require considerable reworking and design.
What we would do differently: The headphone rest/bar needed to be increased in length (although not to the point it would cause the design to tip).  The base of the design (the main circular shape) was fine.  The names on the front, the 'Z' detached from the print and we were intending to superglue it back into place, however this would mean it would be out sync with the other letters in the name.  The sharpner holder at the back needed to be resized.  A major talking point was that a trap door could have been included for the emptying of pencil sharpning.  Another potential difference that could have been altered was the additon of some feet or base, potentially of another colour PLA.   The feet would then be superglued into place. 
Next steps for the students:  Student is aware of the issues that need to be resolved with this print, however she is so proud of it she is using it in the classroom for its intended purpose while she redesigns and we reprint her work.   This will be reposted when it is completed and amended.   To put this into perspective as stated this student is ten years old and designing projects for the first time.   She has included some original ideas in her print that while they need reworking they are showing innovation and will be inspiration to other students.   

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