Sunday, March 4, 2018

3D Printed Emoji Themed iPad Stand

iPad stand as shown in profile
Challenge: For student to create and personalise a stand to be used by the student in the classroom/home as a stand for an iPad Mini.
Background: Student was looking to create something original and had seen other examples in the series from students in the classroom.  She was intent on making sure it was more personalised that could be easily identified as hers.  The student who was involved in this print was ten years old.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - this was elevated from a basic print by the addition of two features that would be identified the emoji that was created and the name of the student on the base. We have been discussing with students the addition of extra features to these iPad stands (such as a bar for headphones) or additional storage.  Student opted not to do this as a result of the print being one of her first.
Lettering as shown on stand
Timeframe: 12 hours.   This print had limited rafting (rafting is the additional printed material which is removed once the print has completed, in the picture shown, the rafting has been removed and allows for the overhang that you can see shown.  Given the need to balance the stand to ensure that the iPad stand serves its purpose, the minimum time length required would be reflected by this design.
Size: 100mm width for the base (front of the design).  Depth - 100mm.   The base was 20mm thick.  The name plate at the front of the stand (see photo) 30mm.  The base was 120mm high at the back, 10mm thick and included a
Above: Student designed Emoji
second block (as shown) that was 30mm by 100mm.   Finally the Emoji part of the design was created from scratch by the student (using basic shapes design from the Tinkercad Interface).  Realistically these dimensions would be the minimum that was required to successfully complete this project to ensure that the iPad stand will work. 
Above: IPad stand in use
What we would do differently: Minimal.   The lettering of the name of the student was a little uneven with its design, and would have benefitted from an additional plate to mount itself on.  The back of the design appears to be robust enough to comfortably have
an iPad resting on it.
Next steps for students: As noted the lettering while it was successfully requires some touching up to ensure that it achieves a finished look.   The student choose not to add additional features as stated (a stand or opportunity for the storage of headphones). 

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