Friday, March 23, 2018

3D Printed Gift Display

Challenge: To create a personalised gift commenerating a special event (in this case a birthday).
Background: Student had been somewhat inspired by a previous print detailed on this site, from February. She had seen this design and its influence on this design is clear to see.   Initially a plan had been to spray paint the design, however the student (Y6 - ten years old) was extremely pleased with the finish created by the white PLA and decided for it to remain as it was.
Level of Difficulty:  Low - its a basic template design, with the addition of the lettering and some of the generic designs accessible from the main screens.   The font selection was the default. 
Above: Design shown in profile
Timeframe: Twelve hours - there were significant design changes would  have reduced this time, relating to the depth of the print.  At 20mm deep it could have been halved which would have reduced the time of the print significantly.
Size: The design measured 15cm across, which was identical in size to the original print. 
What we would do differently: The student was thrilled with the design and the finished product.  The student herself did not want to change any aspect of the design, despite the points noted above which were discussed with her.
Next Step for the Student: The project and print are essentially completed and done and the student would move onto other challenges and projects.

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  1. That's a bit different. I like the way ot stands out.