Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ultimate 3D Printed Desk Organiser

Above: from side showing emoji
Challenge: For student to create a stationary holder to store their stationary.
Background: Inspired by other students in the classroom the student designed a container for all of her stationary.  This was the second recent print from the student who had recently designed a significant print to hold her iPad, as linked here.   For this design she was inspired by a previous student design in the classroom, linked here.   The student used this as a the base, and then added a series of additional features to the design - including a subtle face on one side, a donut at the front for effect, a side bar to hold the protractor of the student and a emoji, yes that is a 'poo' emoji on the front to one side.
Level of Diffculty: High.  This print featured a number of intricate details and features that were added to a basic design.  All of these needed to add and work to the design and did so.
Timeframe: Twenty hours - this was a significant print in both size, design and timeframe.   Some of the features could have been reduced or decreased and given the dimensions a consideration was given to reducing the infill for the back of the design.
Above: Design shown from above clearly showing the naming
Size:  The base of the design is a square shape that is a 120mm by 120mm square.  The height of the back of the print was raised 150mm from the base.   As noted in the previous print that this was used as base.  The first tower included in the printer was 65mm high.  The second tower was 100mm high.  The name block that was at the back was raised 135mm.  The purpose of this design was to hold a variety of stationary items.
Protractor holder and 'donut' design visible
What we would do differently: The width of the hexagonal design for the different levels of the container was 25mm thick in places.  This could have been reduced to 10-15mm and would have served the same purpose for the design and would have reduced the overall print time. This particular design has been described as the "ultimate" desk organiser in the sense that there is not additional features that could be added.  The only aspect that students have been attempting to solve is the issue of a headphone holder, by either introducing a bar or a holder.   There have been a number of attempts at modelling this however these have proven to be unsuccessful as the bar designs have caused all the models to tip or a high degree of likelyhood of tipping has taken place.
Next step for students:   This student could have designed the project from start, instead of using another design as a basis for design.  She could have reduced the width of stationary holders and reduced the level of infill.

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