Friday, March 30, 2018

3D Printed iPad Mini Stand: Basic Model

Above: iPad Stand shown in profile
Challenge: Student had an iPad Mini and wanted to create a stand for that device.  The student also had a cover for the iPad that she wanted to remain on the iPad, as some stands require the removal of the iPad to ensure that it fits on the stand for it.  Student intended to personalise this design by adding a symbol that she enjoyed.  Student is a ten year old student.
Background: Student has completed several prints and is in the classroom with other students a number of whom have produced iPad stands and projects during the course of the year.   Student had seen a variety of projects and used them for an inspiration for this project.  She used measurements from other iPad stands in the classroom to ensure that it would work. 
Above; Design shown at back
Level of Difficulty: Low - this design can be completed by students in a very short timeframe, generally five to ten minutes.  The student had a variety of projects to work from in terms of design and size to use as a guide.   She choose not to personalise the design with her name as she had seen various name designs on projects and felt that the 'peace' emblem would be sufficient. 
Timeframe:   This print took ten hours to complete.    It was a straightforward design that had some additional features however they were minimal, hence the relative short print time compared to
some other designs in the series (which typically could have an additional two to three hours involved in thier print)
Size: the design at the front was 100mm across, and 140mm long.   The block which held the 'peace' symbol on the back was 120mm high from the base.    Given the purpose of this print the size would be about the minimum expected.   The depth of the print was 20mm in places conceivably
What we would do differently: Very little.  The student felt that the personalisation would be handled by having the peace emblem and otherwise wanted a print that would work.   Both these criteria were met by print and the finished product.
Next steps for the student: Student needs to move on to other projects at this project has been completed and does not require additional reworking or remodelling.

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