Sunday, March 4, 2018

3D Printed Toy Accessory - Silage Pit

Challenge: To produce a 3D Print to work as an extension for a toy.
Background: This student has been responsible for a number of innovative and creative projects, which have been featured on this blog.   In this instance the student had a specific prop/accessory that he wanted to produce that matched a toy (tractor).   A silage pit is essentially a concrete structure that is sunk into the ground (there is a link to an explanation on Wikipedia) which serves as a storage pit for fodder for animals (in this case cows).   The student has a series of farm related commercial toys and models but did not have a specific silage pit, and hence decided to create one, using the 3D Printer.   This was created to scale with the models that were purchased by the student commercially.
Level of Difficulty: Low - the structure in essence is reproduced here but is essentially as it is shown.  The lip that is present allows access for tractors to move material from the pit.   There is no additional features that needed to be created relating to the design, other than sizing it correctly.
The lip/ramp design shown in detail to allow access
Timeframe: Sixteen hours.  This was a particularly long print, but the student was specific that he wanted the dimensions of the silage pit relative to the model/toy of the tractor.  Given the dimensions and the specifics of the printing (again 8mm/Tinkercad/regular print settings).
Size: 16cm tall and 12cm wide.   The wall itself had a width of 1cm for the sides and the base.  The lip was the exception, which was the creation of a ramp with the intention that it would allowed wheeled models to move freely up and down the ramp, and into the model fo the pit.   Again relative to the dimensions of what the print was to represent, relative to scale this print needed to remain the size that it was for it to be realistic and meet expectations for the student.  (Teacher and student did discuss the model, the students reasoning was he wanted the print to remain basic to represent a silage pit, and the student was adament that the print needed to remain as it was).
What we would do differently:   The student was very determined in his brief and production of this print, it was discussed that he could have produced a brick affect on the walls of the silage pit, however the student felt that this was not always the case and he had other material that he wished to use to represent the silage that would be contained in the pit.
Next step for the student: The student has already indiecated that he would look into producing specific farm related material to compliment the designs and the commercial toys.  He wanted to take an opportunity to produce specific items that relate to his specific farm.  This would be more of a challenge.  Obviously the brick design mentioned above could have look at the texture of the walls.  Silage itself is organic matter so it could be attempted as a 3D print potentially.

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