Sunday, March 18, 2018

3D Printed Ultimate Desk Organiser Update

This is a updated version of a print already detailed here in several posts.

The initial design, in red, was for a student desk organiser which consisted of a named block, sunk into the back of the design and two hexagonal cyclinders which were the storage components.   The original design had a twelve hour print time, and was student created.

In the revised version, which was labelled the 'ultimate' desk organsier, a student took this initial student design and added additional features to the outside of the design to further personalise it. (emoji, a donut, face and a side bar to hold in place a protractor).  As a result of these further changes the print time was increased to a tweny hour print.

This revised version, shown left, focussed on reducing the width of the cyclinders where the stationary was stored.  In the original version these were 25mm thick.

This version reduced the width of the cyclinders to 5mm.  It also removed the emoji from the side.   The consequence of this was the revised printing time which is now reduced to twelve hours.

The design has also included a bar, which can be seen in the right had side of the design to allow a protractor or a small ruler to be held.

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  1. Impressive- I like- very flash. Anything with AllanahK on it would be pretty flash- I never have anything with Allanah on it cos it is a more individual name!!!