Tuesday, March 6, 2018

3D Printed Stationary Item Stands

Challenge: For student to create an original way to store items of importance to her.
Final Designed Rabbit with storage visible
Background: Student was experimenting with different designs and usings those to create a 3D Print as a result.   The student was printing for the first time and took some inspiration from the 'Horse' print that was in this series produced by one of her friends.  Her process was to identify a free to source Tinkercad Design (which was in this case the rabbit) and then modify it.   One of the benefits of problem solving and design with Tinkercad is it means the students have practical and hands on task associated with measurement.   Typically students will create designs (and bare in mind these students are nine and ten year old New Zealand students) that do not have a specific relation to the size of the object and its purpose.  In this instance the first design was 55mm in length, and was only able to hold a small amount of items or material.  The subsequent print which followed was increased to 80mm in length, which again needed to be adapted and the final version was 100mm.  In each case the student didn't redesign the print,
simply resized this.  This meant that she had a series of three identical prints, that were increasing in size of the same object and created a set of them.
Level of Difficulty: Low - this design is from a third party where the student has modified it to suit her purposes by adding the possibility of storage in the back.  The process to complete this sort of design is limited to the five minute (total) range. 
Timeframe: the largest rabbit in the series took ten hours to print, the middle sized one was six hours and the smallest one (shown on the right in the photograph above) was three hours.   Given the nature of the design being third party these print times would reflect the fact that this would be a minimum to complete the print.
Size: The smallest rabbit came in at 60mm in length and was 30mm wide and 50mm high.  The middle one was 90mm long, 40mm wide and 40mm high.   The largest of the thrre was 100mm in length, 60mm wide and 70mm high. 
What we would do differently: None - given the brief, the experience of the student and the design focus the task was completed and the student was extremely pleased with all aspects of it.
Next steps for students: Indepdent designs where she is taking the process forward by creating original projects and work.

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