Friday, November 30, 2018

3D Printed Christmas Decorations - Final Run of Designs

 Left: A star designed from scratch.  Instead of using one of the star designs from the template design this student (who is a Y4 student designing for the first time) created a star design using the 'pencil' tool.   The font message on the design says '8 Xmas' in reference to the age of the creator.   He had assistance to create the hole for the hanging of the design from the tree.   Although the design could have been refined he was extremely happy with the result.  Print time to complete the project two hours. 

Left: This student decided to opt instead of producing a single print to create four separate designs on a smaller scale (that were also relatively straight forward and simplistic).   As the brief was to personalize the design the student in this case chose to write the name of their key family members across the front of the design.   Each design was 5mm thick and mainly 50mm across and 60mm high.  Given all this the print time was four hours, which was roughly an hour for each of the four key designs.   This was the students first major independent design, and as such no additional design or reprinting would be required as the brief was met,

Left: The student also peer modelled with a Y1 student (a five year old student).   The student was eager to repeat the process and personalize the decorations for herself, which is shown in the photograph to the left.    It was printed with a 'gold' PLA which was using the regular default settings on this site - a 20% infill for the print, using a 8mm nozzle to increase the print time at the sacrifice of the detail for the print. 

This design had slightly more depth to it than the one above and given the breif and plan there is no intention to reprint at this stage.

Left: Student completing the task choose to approach it by using a square block as the basis for the design.  The student then selected a basic font for the naming, used two simple illustrations for the base of the design and inserted into the top of the design a easy access way to hang the decoration.  The design shape was a 90mm square that was 5mm thick and had the lettering sunk 5mm into the base the design, this was preferable from having it on top as it produced much more definition and sharpness.  A four hour print.

Left: Produced at the same time although independently, and therefore not really influencing each other came this design.   The font used is the same as above,  and the basic layout and the objects that have been added likewise.   The print time is also very similar, although the two students were adamant that they were not working in collaboration or influencing each other, not that this would have been an issue or a bad thing.   Four hour print time.

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