Wednesday, November 21, 2018

3D Printed Christmas Sleigh Decoration

Above: Design shown from the front.
Challenge: As with others in this series to produce a class set of classroom decorations themed for Christmas, we're running one classroom printer non-stop to complete this over the period of four weeks.   This student has shown creativity and invention when creating 3D Projects, for this, she wanted to create from scratch a sleigh for a Christmas Decoration.
Background: Student has been working on 3D Printing projects for two years as part of the classroom program.  She has been consistently creating inventive designs that have shown flair and creativity.    This was a situation when she had a brief, had seen other projects in the series but wanted to put her own spin on the creation.  This was designed with help from her younger brother who is eight years old. 
Above: The print shown from other side
Level of Difficulty: High - this sort of design isn't for the faint hearted however she used the basic Tinkercad Interface to create all aspects of the print - with the exception of the seats and seatbelts which she sourced from material that was free and online.   All of the design, measurement and creation was original created by the student.
Timeframe: Ten hours for the print.  This print consisted of no 'rafting' what-so-ever, so there was no wasted filament.   Given the dimensions and the purpose this is the perfect design in the sequence.
Size: The front of the print measured 110mm across, was 75mm deep and 80mm high at the back and 40mm high at the front.   The individual aspects of the print varied slightly depending on the location.
What we would do differently/next steps for students: This was one of the the best prints in this design of runs, the design was particularly complicated and worked extremely well.  The student(s) involved in the print were thrilled with the result and this was one of the best examples from a student during this year.

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