Tuesday, November 20, 2018

'First Christmas' Decoration - 3D Printed Design

Challenge: For student to produce a unique and personalised 3D Printed design that could be suitable as a festive ornament to hang (from a tree).
Background: As part of the challenge of having an entire classroom of 30 students produce a 3D Print before the festive season, and then buddy with another student from another classroom this student designed to create a 'first Christmas' themed decoration relating to the fact that she had a sibling born who was celebrating just that.
The student had been influenced by another design in this series but choose to create something herself from scratch.  She decided to go with the creation of a 'Father Christmas' figure, made from using some of the primary shapes available on Tinkercad to create the shape, used a circle, which then had dropped a hole into it to meet the hanging requirement and finally personalised it by adding the message in a clear basic font at the front of the design.  The student who created this was a Y5 student and this essentially was her first design independently.
Level of Difficulty: Low - however this particular design works well in conjunction with the sum of its part.   The student was wanted the print to be robust and work and purposefully did not add too much detail to the print. 
Timeframe: Two and half hours - the size was kept to a minimum so the time was reasonable.
Size: The design measured 100mm across the front, the front section featuring the 'First Christmas' message was 5mm thick, 20mm long.  The santa design was a further 95mm high and 20mm across.
What we would do differently/next steps for students: Nil - the student was extremely excited by the project and pleased with the end result, and vowed not to change anything - it was commented to her that the 'Father Christmas' looked a little like a 'Christmas Worm' however she laughed this off.

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