Sunday, November 25, 2018

3D Printed Christmas Designs - Fourth Run of Prints

Challenge/Background: To celebrate the festive season in the classroom our students were tasked with creating a 3D Printing project with a specific goal: to personalise a ornament that would be suitable to hang from a Christmas Tree.   The students used Tinkercad, created a design and then printed it.  Selective students had to redesign and rework if it didn't work.   We have thirty students in the current Y5/6 Classroom and one Ultimaker 2+ running on a nearly full time basis.  This series of Prints has been detailed here on this blog starting with the first run of designs followed by the second run of prints and then the third run of designs, we have detailed improvements to the original designs and included several outstanding examples including this Sleigh.   This is the fourth installment featuring the second run of designs from other students

 Left: A smaller scale Christmas Tree featuring a basic design (created by students with the shape) and a small addition of a star above the name.   The design measures 70mm in height and was 5mm thick and 50mm wide.   Part of the last letter of the name, the 'y' was absent as it was designed to close to the edge of the tree.   The circular hole at the top of the tree conceivably could have been made smaller but this design was by a younger student who hadn't had much opportunity with a 3D Printer.  Print time 45 minutes on standard settings.
 Left: Created by a Y1 student, with assistance, this basic design featured in the shape of a heart with the students name and a 'horse' shape, as the student who designed it has an interest in the animals.    The star shown on the right hand side on the top of the picture is actually not attatched to the main design, it subsequently came off, as it was rafted onto the design, not on the base.   This is a minor adjustment that was going to be completed with a small adjustment.   Tinkercad allowed this student with assistance (who is Five) from a ten year old student to complete the design.    This was a two hour print which was 100mm across and 80mm high.  The designed met the brief and the student was extremely pleased. 
 Left: A basic star design created by a student who was receiving tutition from a ten year old and creating a design for the first time.    The student concerned wanted a star to sit on a specific location so she insisted that it did not have a hole in it to hang it from a tree.   The lettering was designed to dominate - and this photo was taken prior to the filament clean up that is required when a print is finished.   The design was 5mm thick and took three hours to print, with measurements of 120mm across and 70mm high.

With the exception of the mounting aspect of the print it met all the requirements that were expected.   This print is not being redesigned.

Left: Another Christmas present themed design to meet the criteria that was expected.   The name of the student was raised only 3mm from the base of the design which accounts for the slight lack of definition - and again this is prior to spending anytime to clean up the print and some of the plastic that appears to be present on the design will be removed with a small screwdriver or pair of pliers.    This design was heavily influenced by the 'present design' from earlier in the print run (who is the student who is also responsible for the Sleigh Design.    This design measured 100mm cross was 90mm high and 5mm thick.   The hole at the top is for the hanging, in hindsight the student could have perhaps used the ribbon from the top of the design.   Print time three hours.

 Left: A more advanced design in the series.   The student built this design from scratch, creating a 'Santa' design from basic shapes and including some interesting design features, such as featuring her name on the belt of the figure and printing the arms seperatly.   The arms were then super-glued onto the design in the place where the student wanted them (its the same arm design twice, so the character doesn't have two thumbs!).

The student is slightly older than most of the classroom students, being eleven.   Potentially more details could have been created for the figure (the feet etc).   Design measured 80mm across and 120mm high, and was 5mm thick.
This took four hours including all of the parts. 

This design may seem familiar, that is  because it was featured on this blog with different lettering and was produced during a powercut.   This powercut stopped the printer when it was nearly completed (two and a half hours into a three hour print) and only the lettering remained to be completed.  The student by then had completed the 'First Christmas' printing and instead of repeating this created the 'Santa' lettering and a backing plate to fit it onto and then super glued it into place.   This did not affect any of the dimensions or details of the print as previously described.

Left: Another 'Christmas Tree' themed design from the series.   Design was almost identical to the others featured in this series.   The student wanted to include several 'fun' features on the tree, as evidenced by the sun glasses and the moustache.   Student the included their own nickname on the base of the tree (student insisted on having a lower case 'p' for the start of her name) The hole again is probably a bit bigger than was required but the student (who is ten years old) was extremely pleased with the result and was able to produce a significant piece of work that met all the criteria.   The design was 100mm high and 70mm across at the base, it was 5mm thick and the print time took three hours.

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