Monday, November 5, 2018

Christmas Decorations: Second Run of Prints

The posts in this series followed a first set of prints, detailed below and inspired by the 'Christmas Tree' Print from two days ago.  Since then we have expanded the project to target producing thirty individual prints (for the students in our classroom) and a further thirty prints for a buddy, another student from elsewhere in the classroom.

 Left - Further development of the 'Snowman' idea.   This print shown is prior to the removal of excessive PLA filament.   The student attempted to personalise this by adding the names of her family members on the body of the snowman and placing a soccerball in the middle.   The print has excessive PLA printing on the back, due to its 3D Design (this is going to be detailed in a further, separate print).  This is a 100mm high, 60mm across snowman, which is 10mm deep.  It has a four hour print time which could be significantly reduced.

This print will be reconfigured to remove the cluster of names and lettering on the base of the design.

Left: An original Christmas Tree design, featuring the initials of the student that designed it with their initials featuring prominently in the design.  An attempt was made to have a star at the top of the tree, this was not successful as removal of the rafting also resulted in teh removal of the star.   The student was a nine year old making their first attempt at 3D Printing.   The tree was 80mm high and 60mm acoss at the base.   The design was only 4mm thick which was reflected in the print time of just under two hours.

This is a good basic design for junior students or students who are attempt to print for the first time.
 Left: A snowman inspired design.   The lettering on the base of the Snowman reflected the name of the family that the siblings are part of.  Due to the length of this name and the space available with the Chirstmas message there was considerable issue with the font that was printed.   To remedy this in the re-design the student is going to increase the size of the base and experiment with the lettering.   The design is currently 100mm high, 70mm across and 5mm thick.  Two hours to print.

This design will require reworking relative to the size of the design and the size of the lettering and would be described as medium difficulty.
Left: Designed by a learning support adult in the classroom, these two designs were essentially the same design twice.  In the design the names were prominent and featured a simple star as additional decoration.   The designs were created using Tinkercad and printed with the standart defaults (8mm nozzle/20% infill) on our Ultimaker 2+ Machines.    Two hours to print both decorations, these are not requiring an revision or redesign as task is completed.
Left: A more advanced version of this task.   This is a three dimensional present, with the ribbon used to hang the object.  Of note the width of this print, coming in at 20mm is considerably thicker than the others on this page, which typically are 5mm.   The dimensions of the print are 10mm by 80mm and the print time for this is six hours.   There is minimal 'rafting' with this print.   This is a particularly high level of completion of the task and does not require any improvements or additional detail

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