Saturday, November 3, 2018

Christmas Decorations - Personalised: First Run of Examples

Challenge/Background: This task involved in the students in my classroom producing an original Christmas themed decoration, intended for hanging on the Christmas Tree and then the students concerned locating another student, in another room, who could be from Five years old to Twelve years old and repeating the process.

 Left: One of the first design in this process - features a "hi" instead of a personalised name of the student who created the print, or the person that it was intended as a gift for.  It was 10mm thick with the 'snow-man' design.  This was accessed from the main Tinkercad Interface.   Design time - ten minutes, heigh, 120mm and betwen 50mm and 100mm across.   The only remaing taks was for the student to insert a hole into the hat of the snowman so it could easily be tied to a branch.   Three hour print time on default settings.
 Left: A basic star design.   There were a couple of minor issues with this.   Both the starts to either side of the 'Merry Chirstmas' were not actually on the base of the design, the student in error had them floating on the top (although it is not obvious looking from above).    The design was intended to be personalised so the student was instructed to repeat the process including a personalisation.    The hole that was inserted into the design was to allow easy hanging from the tree.   90mm high by 75mm across with a thickness of 5mm.   Three hour print time on default settings
 Left: A design that needed to be reworked - the original plan for this was to create a face by leaving out features of the design, although this was not clear from the shape that resulted.   There was a word built into the base of the design that was suppossed to read 'Horsey' but because of the size of this it didn't print out to a level that it could be clearly read. Two hour print time on default settings - print was 5mm thick.
 Left - Essentially the same design as shown above, althought this one featured the name of its creator sunk into the design itself, right through to the other side.   The only other aspect of the design was the hole to hang it.  Designed in under three minutes, 80mm across, 70mm high and 5mm thick.    Designed with Tinkercad and printed with default print settings.
Left: Designed by a eight year old with a present design with additional stars, this design was 5mm thick and measured 140mm by 130mm.   It took six hours to print using regular Ultimaker 2+ Default settings.   This was the students concerned first experience with 3D Printing and their first project.
 Left: Using a Christmas Tree as a base, with this student adding additional designs to the base (sunglasses, a moustache, a bow).   The student has produced a considerable number of high quality projects so this was designed in minimal time.   50mm across at the base and 120mm high.   This design took three hours to print with a width of 5mm.
Left: A straight forward design at first glance but for affect the student choose to drop the Christmas Tree's into the base of the design and add thier name.  An addition was then added to the top of the design so it could be hanged.   Design was 90mm across and took two and a half hours to print.   Designed in Tinkercad by a ten year old student.

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