Saturday, November 17, 2018

Refining 3D Printed Christmas Designs and further ideas

Challenge: As part of the 3D Print Christmas Design Challenge, students who had created or produced a first run print, that needed refinement, were redesigning and reproducing the print with improvements to meet the outcome that we were seeking.
Background: We're attempting to complete thirty classroom prints of original 'Christmas' themed designed decorations from our class (thirty students) and then a further thirty other students from throughout the school.  In the design shown left in the original version the student wanted the penalization in the form of the nickname 'Horsey'.  In the first print shown left, the 'Horsey' was raised on the base of the print, however with the size of the lettering being small (10mm in height) the name did not appear to be recognizable.   The student subsequently redesigned this, introducing 'Horsey' to the base and sinking it into the design, which made it clearly visible.   Otherwise with the exception of some minor readjustments the design was completed, with the small addition of a heart to hang the design.

 Left: The smallest design in this sequence.   The idea behind this was to produce something simple but effective.   The print time for this label was one hour, making it a 'classic' short term print.   However the student has been given the task of personalizing it as at present it is extremely generic.   This design measures 40mm high by 80mm long and is 5mm thick. 
Left: This design was created by a seven year old.   The basic premise was the same for the rest of the process and design, however the student placed the hanging hole too close to the point of the star at the top, creating a gap in the star, the name of the student in the middle of the star was not large enough and too ill defined.   The student concerned was thrilled with the result, but a simple matter will be to reproduce this and simply make it larger this will allow the name to be defined and the star points to have the hole centred.   A positive experience for the student and a forty minute print time at present, which means the results were relatively quick.

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