Wednesday, November 7, 2018

3D Printed Christmas Decorations - Third Run of Prints

 Left: Another basic 'star' design to start with including the addition of the lettering message of penalization.   The design measures 90mm across but the amount of filament has been minimized with a thickness of 5mm and just under a two hour print time.   The size of the hole to attach to the tree on reflection is probably too large, however it still fulfills the purpose, no additional changes will be made as the task has been successfully completed.

 Left: Using a square base design this student opted to include a Christmas Tree on the left of the design, the initials of the person that it was gifted too in the centre and three stars.   Two were raised up the third was sunk through the design creating the gap in the print.  A 5mm thickness was used to reduce printing time, and the lettering and stars were raised 5mm from the base.   This print came in and two and a half hours.
 Left: A snowman.   This print encountered some issues.   The hat design, where the hole for attaching the print to the tree failed, it was too large and this caused the hat itself to implode (which was subsequently removed as it was not solid).   The base of the hat rim remained as this could be used to attach it to the tree.   The name of the student who created it was sunk into the bottom of the design, this failed due to the lettering chosen being too small and the name 'Georgia' too long.  With a 5mm thickness and a three hour print time with a 80mm height and 50mm across.   Student very happy but if required to meet objectives then a considerable redesign is required.
 Left: Basic Tree design - two hours, with a name focused at the bottom, a basic star at the top with the hole for the attachment placed there.   This was the first print for an adult who was supported in her creation by having one of the other students create and teach her the design basics, which she mastered in three to five minutes.   No adjustments would be made moving forward.     5mm thick, with the lettering rising a further 5mm and a height of 100mm and a width of 50mm.  Very similar to the design shown right.
 Left: This student wanted to have an angel shaped design which they created themselves, with a star and their name featuring significantly.  The wings proved to be a little tricky to master resulting in the block shape, although the student themselves was very pleased and no additional work was required.   100mm high 60mm across and between 5mm and 20 thick depending on the location.   Three hours print time on default settings (which of course are a 8mm nozzle and 20% infill and regular PLA.)

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