Saturday, December 1, 2018

3D Printed Cellphone Stand - Short Term Prints

Above: Design shown in profile
Challenge: Student wanted to create a specific object -  a stand for a cellphone that the student owned.  He wanted to personalize it and put a theme into its base.  This was his first ever print and the student involved is nine years old.
Background: As part of the process of designing 'Christmas' themed decorations in our classroom and now across the school, we also have been trying to expose students to the technology and getting them thinking about projects that they might be able to create to solve a problem or have a purpose to make something work that was currently needing to be completed.  This print came out of that as the student concerned wanted a stand for his cellphone and felt that it needed to be personalized.   As it was also part of a series of festive decorations the student decided to add the star and the Christmas Tree as shown above.   Also of note in the design was the way the name was
Above: Lettering clearly visible
created for the print.  The lettering was large and the student, despite it being his first ever print, wanted to have the lettering sunk down into the base of the design. All in all the student was producing a piece of work that had a specific purpose, it was their first ever design (for a nine year old) and the print was extremely successful. 
Level of Difficulty: Medium - this worked in unison with the sum of its parts.   The print worked perfectly for what it was, its one of those prints that is simple, but extremely effective and is successful that it appears to be straightforward (for instance a cellphone fits perfectly on this as a stand) but it requires a successful print to do so. 

Time frame: Four Hours- given the purpose of what was required this is the absolute minimum print time that would be required.   Testing of this stand with a regular cellphone had it working perfectly but with very little space either side of the phone, hence this would be an absolute minimum time required to complete the print.   There was not rafting what-so-ever with this print.
Size: The print was 75mm across and 70mm deep.   The block at the back for the leaning of the cellphone was 40mm high, 20mm wide and 75mm across.   Given the dimensions of a cellphone there is not more that could be reduced from this, obviously a slightly larger phone would require a larger base, this is perfect for a regular cellphone.
What we would do differently/next steps for students: This was a first attempt at a student producing something with a very specific goal in mind, as is mentioned throughout the print the student was extremely pleased.   The 'Christmas' theme of the design came about as it was created during the festive season, perhaps something less seasonal could have been designed. 

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