Sunday, April 7, 2019

3D Printing: Cookie Cutters Revisited

Above: Example from 2016
Challenge: For students to produce an original and personalized for a Cookie Cutter.
Background: This task has been completed in various forms, which have previously been detailed on this blog.  In the past the students have created an original 3D Cookie Cutter design from scratch reflecting an interest in of theirs, such as the Cookie Cutter detailed in 2016 based around Golf.   We have also had creations based around animal themes of 'Cats' which was designed and published in 2017.    We have also focused on a  beginners 3D Printing tutorial from converting a silhouette which produced a 'Cow' Cookie Cutter.    This example is for a market day that our students are participating in coming up later in the year.  The students have to run a business in the form of market day.   One group of students from the classroom are producing a 'Cookie' business and as a student in the group has a strong interest in Dinosaurs.  As part of the process we went online to establish an online example that the students could use, print out and design.   We performed a simple Google Search using the key phrase 'Dinosaur Cookie Cutters'
which produced several pages of examples.  We were wanting to produce a reading made .stl print to run one off for the students.   We located an example on 'Thingverse' of a three piece Triceratops Dinosaur Cookie Cutter - this provided us with the .stl file to run through our printer.
Level of Difficulty: Nil - we wanted to provide a pre-made example for our students so were simply looking for an example that we could print that was available to use as the inspiration of our students to produce an original.
Time frame: Three and a half hours - it was a design sourced from a third part therefore the dimensions of the design, print time etc were already pre determined and we had no input into that, it was simply to provide an example.
Above: Cat design from 2017
Size: Its slightly larger than it might appear the two main body pieces are 150mm across and 75mm high.  Again as we've stated this came as a finished product that we simply ran off without design on our students part, the purpose being to provide an example to act as inspiration.
What we would do differently: Occasionally examples that are already created are shown to our students as an example as something to build or work on and then deconstruct it from there.   This is providing a hands on example for a group of students who need hands on example to inspire them.  The Cookie Cutter works well as we are producing an outline so the print time is not too extended for the students to produce something and it has a use as a tool.

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