Wednesday, April 3, 2019

3D Printed Book Marks - Further Developments

Challenge: For students to design a working bookmark.
Background: As detailed previously the challenge was to produce a working bookmark that stood out or had a 'wow' factor.   This was given to the entire class as a task.  Students were instructed to create a design, come up with an idea and the best working ideas with the 'wow' factor were in turn created as 3D Designs.  The designs presented here were some of the prototypes for the final projects.

Left: The initial Lollipop design shown on the left consisted of a stick that needed to be redesigned, made thicker and stronger and a significant improvement needed to be made to the clip to hold the pages in place.

The print took two hours, the item was themed as a Lollipop as the student felt that the novelty factor of the item would work as a book mark. 

The size of the print measured 150mm long, was 60mm across at the top of the design.   The initial design of the clip on the print was 20mm and the revised version of the print saw this reduced to 10mm which worked better as it maintained a hold over the pages.

The student has shown considerable talent in an artistic sense and is continuing to look at pushing her designs.

Left: A 'Star Wars' themed book mark.   As the student was wanting to design something from scratch featuring an iconic design from the series, going with a 'Tie Fighter' design as he could replicate this easy within the design page from Tinker cad.   This bookmark measure 70mm across and was 50mm high.   The clip that was designed to hold the book pages in place was initially 40mm high.  The student wasn't happy with the visibility of the Tie Fighter so in subsequent designs it was raised higher in the design.
Left: As shown in the subsequent designs the student has altered significantly the design to accommodate being able to hold the pages in place.   The clip can be seen in profile below.   The initial design featured a flat attempt at holding the pages in place, students needed to get the concept of a 3D clip that would work, and it took the students to see the designs that failed for this concept to be realized.   The print time being two hours, the design itself needed to have no adjustment from this point.

Left: As shown here in detail the clips that held the pages of the
book in place were all based around some variation of this design.

An important part of the process was getting the students to be aware of the need to produce a 3D aspect to the bookmark that would not damage the pages (as some prototypes did).    This would not have been possible without the prototyping process which showed that the original designs were not going to work.

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