Wednesday, April 24, 2019

3D Printed iPad Stand

Above: Design shown from the front.
Challenge: Student wanted to create an iPad stand for themselves to use in the classroom.
Background: Student was looking to create an original design in two steps, the second being to personalize the design with details such as their name and objects of interest.   The student has had limited experience with 3D Printing having produced or contributed towards other projects however this is the first time that the student wanted to take the lead and design something for themselves.  A challenge for the student from the teacher was for the design to have minimum rafting (supportive/waste PLA) to ensure that the structure was sound. A key factor in this design was the intention for the secondary printing of the name and the additional material, which will be done in a different colour to highlight or make the design stand
Above: Design shown in use and profile.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - this is a straightforward design which is intended to have a very specific purpose reflected in the design size and the printing time.  The additional material is intended to be letter and basic shape design in a different colour to stand out and contrast with the dark blue.
Time frame: Sixteen hours - given the dimension this is the minimum that was required for this sort of print. 
Size:   The front of the design measures 150mm across.   The block that is at front of the design is 30mm by 25mm (and 150mm long).   The design had a length of 140mm.   The design rises 130mm at the back of the stand to hold the iPad in place.   These dimensions are in place to maintain and hold an iPad of any size.
What we would do differently: Nothing - this design has worked perfectly from the design process, the teacher requirements of minimum PLA rafting has been met exceptionally well.    The next challenge for the student is to design and create the additional printing for the decoration.

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