Sunday, April 7, 2019

3D Printed Horse Shoe Design/ID

Challenge: Student wanted to produce a name plate/badge that could be used in an outdoor setting (such as a stable) as an identification for a horse (such as putting a label on a stable door). 
Background: Students specifically choose 3D Printing as the tool to do this as she wanted something that could potentially get wet (which would exclude Laser Cutting without some form of water proofing).    The student involved is a Y6 student (ten years old) but has consistently shown outstanding design and creation - the teacher had no input into this design what-so-ever the finished product was delivered to the teacher and the student asked it to be printed.   There is consideration for spray painting to further its presentation.
Level of Difficulty - Medium: the student has down time and time again that she is able to adapt designs that are well balanced and creative.  In this instance she integrated having the name of the pony/horse combined with the horseshow design.    The horseshoe was located from a typical search of Tinkercard and the lettering came from the main interface.
Timeframe: One Hour forty minutes - something needs to be adapted with the print as detailed below.  This would extend the timeframe for printing slightly but not significantly.
Size: The design is 110mm across and was 90mm high from top to bottom.   The design was a creation that could be potentially re-sized making it larger as the student deemed it necesarry - which would obviously affect both the size and the print time.
What we would do differently: The student needs to consider that if this is placed on a stable door what the colour of the door would be and how it would affect its display.  It could be super-glued in place but there are not any drill holes currently on the design (this is being considered relative to the final size of the project.

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