Tuesday, April 23, 2019

3D Printing: Completing Projects

The 'failed' project shown from above
Challenge: To complete a project that hadn't successfully been completed. 
Showing the internal walls of a typical print
Background: This project was an attempt to complete a significant project that hadn't worked in regular printing time.  This project was a stationary holder (which have been completed in multiple versions featured on this blog).   The project was intended to have a 22 hour print time and was left to print over this timeframe.   When the machine was checked the following day, instead of having a completed print there was a jam, caused at the back of the machine where the PLA had essentailly cut itself off at the feeder meaning that the printer had jammed leaving the print about three quarters of the way through (as you would have experienced this has left the print incomplete but still contributed a significant part of it.  The intention was not to produce something that was incomplete but also not to waste the material that had already been produced by the printer.   This jam of the PLA is something that occurs from time to time and has been avoidable.  I've seen developed printer dispensers at the back of the machines (Ultimaker 2+) to minimise this but have experiences jams like this once every couple of months (again of running a machnine on a more or less non-stop basis.
Level of Difficulty: To complete this print with a second level will be required that will need to replicate the first perfectly - the issue will be the student identifying the point which the print was completed to and then placing a second level successfully on top.
Timeframe: This was intended as a twenty two hour print, that made it to the sixteen hour mark and therefore has a further six hours to go.  The design functionally works at present however there needs to be an additional level added to the design, which would need to be a minimum of 10mm in length to complete the design.    This could take, depending on the design of the student, between an additional one to six hours.
Size: The current print project measures 110mm across and is 120mm deep.  It is currently 85mm high.   The walls of the container are currently 5mm thick and consists of four storage compartments, which range in size from 30mm to 100mm (at the back) and 65mm to 35mm for one at the front.
What we would do differently: The problems with this print not completing were related to the machine jamming at the back, not the design of the print the challenge then is using what has been completed to work it into another project.

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