Tuesday, April 9, 2019

3D Printing: Incorperating a common object

Above: Pac-man finished design with sharpener in place
Challenge: For students to design something original that would use another common object - pencil sharpener.
Background: In this example the students were given a choice of objects and asked to design a 3D Print that would work in conjunction with the object.   The items were standard pencil sharpeners and magnets.   Students were then able to use technology to search for inspiration online and look at examples that could be found on various sites.   From there the students were tasked with deconstructing the objects and coming up with their own versions which they had adapted to suit the objects that they were supplied with.   The first pair of students who created an idea quickly choose to go with a pencil sharpener as the object and create a pac-man base for the object to be housed in.   The students are only ten years old so the creation of a pac-man
Above: Design shown from other side.
theme for the item came as a result of being aware of the shape rather than fans of the game (which came out in 1980!).   The challenge for the students was having the two items work together in a practical way and in particular the insert for the pencil relative to the blade for the pencil sharpener.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - as always combining two different aspects of a print or a print and an object can be complicated and difficult for the students to sometimes master, as has been the case for this.   A further unexpected aspect to this print was the shavings from the pencil when the sharpener is used this needs to be put into the rubbish bin - the students hadn't anticipated the sharpening and where that would come as a result of the pencil sharpener being used. 
Timeframe: Five hours.  The print is was relative to the size of the project and the pencil sharpener. 
Size: The design measured 80mm across and was 80mm high.   The design was relative to the shape of the pencil sharpener.  The students had a free choice with what they choose and opted for a double pencil sharpener.  If you look at the photos you can clearly see a single pencil insert.
What we would do differently: This challenged the students who attempted it on the basis of having the relationship between the print and the object.   The students attempted to complete a complex design to work and are constantly reviewing the project.

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