Thursday, April 11, 2019

3D Printed Doorstop

Above: Design shown from above.
Challenge: Student identified that the classroom door had a particular habit of closely sharply and wanted to produce a door stop to prevent it closely prematurely.
Background: We are always encouraging the students to think about problem solving challenges and ways in which they can remedy issues by using technology and in this case the 3D Printer.   This case involved the door in the classroom, but in a move that was initiated by the student they wanted the name of the classroom created on the print so that it wouldn't be removed or taken by someone else.   The door while being a standard classroom door is particularly heavy, so the initial design and size of the door stop, which was a one hour print, wasn't able to stop the force of the door.
Above: Design in profile.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - the student needed to work out the physics of a door stop that would be big enough to stop the weight of the door so a larger print than was originally created was needed to be designed. The two versions were identical, the student concerned had simply enlarged the scale of the design.
Timeframe: The first print was one hour, the second three hours and twenty minutes.  Recent updates with CURA Ultimakers 2's software have considerably reduced the print time for projects.
Size: The second three hour version of this print was 110mm long, 40mm long and 30mm high. 
What we would do differently: Very little the biggest issue that was presented by door itself and solving the issue with a doorstop is a very positive thing but the issue is the weight of the print.  This hasn't been identified by the student yet.  Possible remedies that need to be discussed is the rate of infill (which is currently the default of 20%).  The other option would be for the doorstop to have a casing or being hollow to allow the inserting of something metal to give it more weight. 

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