Thursday, March 28, 2019

3D Printed Bookmark - Car Example

Above: The completed design in position
Challenge:   To produce a working 3D Printed Bookmark for student to use with a regular book.
Background: Inspired by a generic challenge that was set/sent out with examples of 3D Printed Bookmarks.   These examples had been produced by adults but they were used as examples that were given to the students in the classroom and the student were asked to produce their own designs.  A focus need to be made on producing a workable bookmark that could be used to hold a position in a book.    This example originally had a single block that was thin and intended to hold the bookmark in place.    When this was trialed it was discovered that it did not pin or hold the page in place and slid out.   The student then designed a pin/clip to hold the bookmark in place.   Key to solving this issue was the width of the clip relating to how many pages that it was intending to hold in place.    The student was experiementing with 3D Design and has a strong design ethic and ideas, although this student, who is nine was producing his first significant individual 3D Print.  In the initial design there were issues with the clip although the student had the basic premise and idea correct.  He also decided not to over complicate the design of the truck, keeping a basic shape without additional decoration.   
Design in profile prior to removal of rafting/sanding
Level of Difficulty: Medium.   Once the shape was determined and the concept had been discussed the student created a sketch of a plan.   The 3D Print required significant alterations for the print to be considered successful, however by printing a first version it alllowed the student to clearly see the modifications that needed to be made. 
Timeframe: Two hours forty minutes.   This was the ideal print to complete a 'draft' print for - given its size and dimensions. 
Size: 100mm long, 30mm across and 20mm high.   Suitable for the realistic size of producing a bookmark for a regular novel book.   The portion of the design that was inserted into the book itself was a clip/double bar that was 40mm long.
What we would do differently: Very little - this project already had the reworking completed by the student between the first and second prints.   The final adjustments made to the print allowed a short term print to complete the task that it was intended for and complete the challenge.

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