Wednesday, March 13, 2019

3D Printed Calf Feeder Model 2.0

Challenge: To produce an authentic to scale model of a calf feeder that was capable of feeding up to eight cavles at one time.
Background: This is the second version of this project.  In the inital version on this blog the student had produced a four calf feeder which was for potential use with a commercial business.   This model had to be produced as detailed in previous post.   This has taken number models and prototypes until the 'four feeder' was successfully produced.  The next step was to change the colour varation, which is a simple matter of changing the print colour and then increasing the size of the print.    This has involved significant testing and reworking to get the dimensions to scale - as this is is a potential collaboration between our school/students and a local business creating something to use with existing products not easily available on the market.
Level of Difficulty: High - this is a precision piece that needs to work to a specific size, be mounting successfully on a model fence and meet the needs of the cow models to interact with.  There is no margin for error and this requires precision, which has been a positive if challenging experience for the students.
Timeframe: Two hours - this has been produced with a 8mm nozzle which is our default size.  Consideration has been given to reducing the size of the nozzle to increase the quality of the print.
Size: This print is 80mm long and 25mm wide.   Crucial to the success of the print has been the hinges at the back which have been designed by the students.   These have allowed the feeder to be clipped into place on the fence.    Students have been experimenting with producing the best fit design to do this. 
What we would do differently: Our students are having a meeting examing the commercial aspects and considerations of mass production, they have identified a potential fault with the design and want to look at the considerations of its use (as a toy) relative to the strength of the print (specifically on the hinge that they have deisgned to hang it to the model fence.    As noted there is a potential issue with the size of the nozzle as well - it may be a print that we produce a higher quality print with my reducing the nozzle size. 

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