Saturday, June 18, 2016

3D Printed Cookie Cutters

The Print fresh off the machine
Challenge: For students to produce a working cookie cutter capable of producing cookies.
Background: The teacher was looking for a task concerned that would allow students to create a unique and individual piece, with a practical use, that would be allowed to be printed over a short time frame.  Previously I have seen numerous versions of this task based around the print time.
Task: Student to design and create a 3D model for a working cookie cutter, then convert the model to 3D printed GCode and then print the piece.
Level of Difficulty: Low.  While the shape allows for individuality and the student needed to print it in reverse this was an excellent introduction to 3D printing task that would produce something straightforward for the student in a short time frame.
Issues: None.  The first print run produced a working prototype.  The only considering on viewing the print would be the width of the cutter outline.  It was set to fast print setting and would appear to be not very robust in a couple of places.   Consideration would be given once it has been fully tested to expand the width of the print and improve its strength.
Reverse of the cookie cutter
Size: 20cm by 15cm with a depth of a centimetre.
Timeframe: Two hours on fast print setting - consideration for a 'normal' or thicker print.
Process: A straight forward print that followed the process outlined in task - the use of the item will determine whether the process needs to be refined.  As mentioned in numerous other posts the process of Tinkercad/Cura/Ultimaker2 was followed to complete the process and finish.  Again as noted on this blog, the students are anticipated to be refining subsequent prints in the series once the idea has been discussed and the prototype in the series has been fully tested and use.  This is anticipated to be the first print in a series of classroom items following this theme.
Recommendations: This would be a good introduction task for students to 3D Print.  It allows the students individualism with the design (this student is a huge golf fan) and above all the projected print time would mean it would be possible to print an entire class during the period of a week.

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