Thursday, June 16, 2016

LEGO NXT/EVO3 Robotics Extension Task: Golf Club

Club with the gaps for the pins visible
In a previous post we explained the creation of a series of golf tees that would be created using 3D Printers.  The second part of this activity was the creation and the design of the golf club. 
Challenge: To create a golf club for a EVO3/NXT Robot that would allow the Robot to play golf.
Background: Our Y7/8 students have technology (DPE) once a week.  We have been looking at activities or options that integrate aspects of technology, robotics and 3d printing.   We've previously detailed our 100 hour print speakers from 2015 as part of this process.  Students are capable of programming the robots to complete a variety of tasks - in this variation students have to program the robot to swing a golf club allowing it to hit a ball, with the goal of having the ball move into a target flag.  
Alternative design with rafting
Task: Students to plan, create and design a workable golf club to work in conjunction with a NXT Lego Robot.   Golf Club needs to be able to have the stability and strength to move an actual golf ball.
Level of Difficulty: Low (Golf Club) however it needs to be noted that the programming of the robots is a potentially extremely challenging and without the students having this knowledge the task could not be attempted.
Issues: None - the task was completed in a session with a successful print the holes for the link to the robot was the major potential issue.  However, again it should be pointed out that the programming of the robot will be a complex task further complicated by the size of the golf club and the motion to move or swing the club to successfully move the ball.
Size: 20cm (handle) 10cm head (there are two designs featured in this post of similar size).
Time Frame: Three hours.
Club attached to robotic arm 
Process: The students had involved themselves in designing the Golf Flags in a previous print then spent time programming the robots.   The final part of the process was the design and creation of a working golf club.  Tinkercad was used to design the club, it was then converted to Cura (Ultimaker 2 Software) and G-Code for a 3D Print.  The code was saved to a memory card which was inserted directly into the machine (as is standard for all of the projects featured on this site).  This is the first attempt at completing this task for students from our school.  On the basis of every time the printers have been used these designs and details would be improved on during subsequent print runs from the students.

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