Wednesday, June 8, 2016

3D Printed Box - Part Two

Above: Print with group name visible
Learning Challenge: For a group of students to design, create and print a functional box that was to be the location for classroom 'reward' money for excellent behavior.   This group of students designed a slot and build this into the side of the box for the insertion of the 'classroom money'.
Background: The students were inspired by the previous box print that is described in the previous classroom print.  They were looking at adding additional features to personalise the box, the name of the group of students when working collectively is the 'Smarticles' hence the labelling in the picture.  123D Design was again used in the production process instead of Tinkercad.
Above: the names printed unsuccessfully
Task: To design a functional box that would be clearly identified as belonging to a group of students that would hold classroom 'reward money'.
Level of Difficulty: High - the students in addition to the printing of the box wanted to add additional features including the name of the group and the names of the student on the box.  They neglected to included 'rafting' in the print which had an adverse affect on the printing of the groups names.
Issues: The names on the reverse of the box was unsuccessful - Fergus had an 'e' fall off his name - Jayden rather unfortunately became 'Jaden' and some of the general lettering was untidy.  This was a result of the box being printed from the base up and without rafting - both of which would have potentially resulted in a different result.  The base of the box was successful.
Time Frame: The machine registered an initial print time of thirty one hours for the print.  The lid for the box is to be printed separately but is expected to be in the 14 hour print range.
Size: 20 cm by 10 cm by 10 cm.  The size of the box is relative to the size of the 'classroom money'.'
Process: As an 1:1 iPad School the students are utilizing the App for 123d Design as Tinkercad restricts the students to working on the desktop.


  1. Hi Myles,

    What age are the students that are designing in this task? I'm looking into what I can use with the junior learners in my school on the ipad. Do they find 123d Design user friendly?


  2. Kent
    Thanks for your comment - should have included this in the post. The students are Y5/6 in NZ which makes them nine going on ten. The students are finding 123d Design really friendly and as we've indicated its an app as opposed to Tinkercad which requiring a laptop. The classroom teacher is sold on 123d Design and feedback he's given me is that the students find it much more user friendly than Tinkercad.