Friday, June 24, 2016

Student Creation: Pencil Topper

The Print before it was removed
Challenge: Student brief was use the 3D Printer to create and design something that was of practical use in the classroom.
Background: The classroom mentioned has been where a lot of the recent featured work on this site is coming from.  The students are showing increased aptitude with the 3D Printers and are feeding off each other to produce creative and interesting designs.   This task started as a isometric design in Tinkercad with an oval for the base, the features of the chicken came as a consequence of applying shapes.  The final stage was to determine while the print was finalised what the purpose would be.  It was decided the most practical use was as a 'pencil topper' an object to sit on a regular student pencil.
Note egg shell on the head of the chicken
Task: Students to create a project for the 3D printer that was original and innovative.
Level of Difficulty: Low - the design was original and a free task.
Issues: The eggshell design on the top of the design didn't print as anticipated, however there was no attempt at any rafting.
Size: 10cm by 15cm
Timeframe: Four hours on a fast print setting.
Process: This print came as an organic creation process involving a design with Tinkercad - as mentioned the brief  was a creative design that originated from the students, to use the printers.
Recommendation: This process should hopefully lead to another group of students to utilize the printers and to do so in a more creative manner.  This is a basic introduction task as a stepping stone for more complex tasks.  By having it in the classroom in a visible place it would work as a conversation starter too.

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