Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Junior Robocup: Reprints 'Light Sabres'

The Black Lego Pin is clearly visible.
Robot 'Jedi' with Light Sabre
In a previous post we detailed the 'light sabres' that students had been built as a prop for the 'Junior Robocup' Competition involving EV3/NXT Lego Robots.

The initial print was successful, although so the students thought, however testing from the students concluded that the gap in the base of the light sabre was not narrow enough to allow a tight robotic grip - hence the students were worried about the Light Sabres slipping during performance.  In the initial print the robot is grasping the light sabre around the handle (as can be viewed from the post).  In the amended version a black pin is linking the base of the light sabre which is inserted directly into the hands of the robot - allowing for a much tighter grip during the performance as during testing the first run did not hold the light sabre.

Changes since last print: The time has been amended to 45 minutes per print and the prints feature 0.45m of filament.   The printables are fully paintable however the students are confident given the colour of the filament is suitable to give the desired effect.  All other details remain the same from the initial print.

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