Thursday, May 19, 2016

3D Printed Box

Learning Challenge - We are looking at Engineering currently at school.  As part of our unit we are looking at ways to challenge the students thinking with problem challenges.  The teacher wanted the students to focus on the hinge and the lid of the box.  To inspire the students the task was to design the reward box for students for the money offered during work in class as an incentive.
Background: The student responsible for the design and creation of this project had background working on various other projects using 3D Printers that have been detailed on this site.   Of note the teacher concerned had the project designed not with Tinkercad but with another program - in this case 123D Design.  In his opinion the program is superior to Tinkercad and should be used to allow student design.
Task: Design a box including a lid and hinge and 3D Print.  Box needs to be stable with a working lid.
Level of Difficulty: High. The box featuring the lid required working and movable parts - while the print was successful had the parts not worked a significant reprint and reworking would have been required.  The hinge was potentially difficult.
Issues: The print was successful on the first attempt. There was limited imperfection on the base of one corner but this was minor and unrelated to the design of the box.
Timeframe: Once again a 'fastprint' setting was used as it was a prototype.  This included a fourteen hour print for the box and an eight hour print for the plate that functioned as the lid.  The eight hours for the lid included the pin for the hinge.
Size: 18cm in length with a depth of 10cm and a width of 10cm.   Other parts relative.
Process: As noted the design was created by a student who used not Tinkercad but 123D Design.  As with other material on this site the Ultimaker 2 (regular) was used.


  1. Great project.. Thanks for sharing this. Every day there is a new faster, cheaper and higher quality 3D printer ready to open countless opportunities for personal and professional users.

  2. Yes - and normally I wouldn't publish a comment like this as its a little commercial but I think you make a valid point. It does concern me that with anything the technology is advancing quickly and wondering about how valid the technology would be moving forward.