Wednesday, August 29, 2018

3D Printed iPad/Storage - Deluxe Variation

Above: Design shown from the front.
Challenge: For student to create and design a individualized unique iPad stand and storage, with a Unicorn theme for a gift for a younger student.
Above: Design in profile from reverse
Background: The student involved in this design is a nine year old student.  She has shown considerable talent and design in a wide range of projects.  As part of this process she created an original design with a 'Unicorn' featured on the front left hand side.   This unicorn was sourced from a Tinkercad search of freely available and then Incorporated into the design.   The lettering was added in a second print - initially the first design had a regular lettering that was the same colour as the main print.  The student felt that it would improve the presentation of the print to change the colour and to alter the font, this was done and the name was replaced with orange filament and then super glued onto place on the print.   The Unicorn was included as part of the main print, conceivably this could have been altered or printed in a separate colour.  This design is another that we would consider a exemplar of an outstanding design of a project that numerous students have created variations of.
Design in use not storage at back.
Level of Difficulty: High - the design while it may appear slightly simplistic has considerable depth to it.  The Unicorn in conjunction with the other aspects of the print, the bar at the front, the storage at the back were all aspects that needed to work and interact with each other.
Time frame: Twenty hours.  The lettering that featured on the front was an additional forty minutes.   Given all the dimensions and aspects of the print this would be the minimum required - removing the Unicorn (which serves little real purpose) would reduce the print time to eighteen hours or so.  This would be consistent with some of the best prints in this series, which have come in within the sixteen to twenty two hour mark.  Given all factors that can be considered this time consideration was appropriate for the design. 
Size: The Unicorn had a height of 70mm.  The base of the front of the design was 100mm and featured a block that was 10mm by 10mm.   The base was 70mm long.   The base at the back formed a rectangular storage area for work materials (see above photograph).  Given the purpose of this print the size was excellent for the intended purpose.
What we would do differently: The Unicorn at the front as it was set back from the print formed a barrier for the iPad when placed on the stand.  This rendered the bar created for this purpose as obsolete.  We could have placed the Unicorn at a different point on the design, but having it protrude too far out the design could also have been problematic. 
Next Steps for Students: This is an exemplar the student needs to move onto other challenging projects.   

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