Monday, September 3, 2018

3D Printed Storage Box - Large

Above: Design shown in profile
Challenge: Student wanted to create a personalised storage box that reflected their nick name and a special interest that they had. 
Background: The student wanted to combine PLA (print colour) and produce a print that would allow themselves storage for a variety of items.   The emphasis was producing a straight forward design, but to include a variety of items make it as large as feasibly possible.   To really make the letter stand out the decision was made to include the lettering on the outside in a different colour.  In the past these designs had included a single colour with the lettering as part of the initial print.   The student had limited personal experience in 3D Printing however they were influenced by a number of other students and projects that they had seen in the classroom.   They also decided (with assistance) to experiment by creating a 'shadowing' effect this was created by putting a 1mm font into the side of the print.  This proved to be extremely effective.   You can view this effect by looking at the photograph below and looking closely at the 'Mini-Stock' lettering.   This was the first time that we had attempted this with a 3D Print and the students concerned along with the wider class were extremely impressed with the results.
Above: Mini-Stock 1mm shadow lettering
Level of Difficulty: Medium while the deisgn itself is a basic box shape there were additional features that increased the difficulty of the print.   Apart from the shadowing from the sunken in font there was the additional lettering that was produced for the outside of the box in the different colour.   This had to be sized and designed relative to the size of the box.  This was attatched to the box by using regular superglue.
Timeframe: Twenty hours printing for the box itself.    One hour printing for the additional lettering.  Potentially the timeframe to print the box could have been reduced by reducing the width of the size of the box.
Size: The box measured 130mm across, and was 100mm high.   The thickness of the box itself was between 3mm and 5mm (there was one side that was uneven due to a mistake in the planning of the design).   The Letterering that formed the outside of the box was between 2mm and 3mm by 5mm.
What we would do differently/Next Steps for students: Other than evening the sides there is very little that would be done in practicality to differ in the making of the box.  Student is now moving onto other projects and a number of students are looking at the inclusion of the shadow font.

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