Sunday, September 9, 2018

3D Printed Batman Desk Storage Utility

Challenge: To produce and personalize a desk organizer/storage device with a batman theme as a gift for someone.
Background: This came about as an original design worked on by three students who had worked with the 'Mr Bloor' in the design.  They wanted to create an original gift for him and give it to him, with it having a practical use.   The original design featured three different versions of this print.  The three all had different storage and props as part of the design.   When the three students met together to discuss the print they identified that the different objects as part of the design (boxes, storage etc) meant that the Batman head was not able to dominate the design in terms of size and functionality.   As a result the earlier designs were scrapped in favour of this version that focused on the 'Batman design' as the dominating feature and being able to hold a significant amount of stationary.   The personalized part of the design obviously came from the name going on the base of the design.   The 'Batman' head was a readily available from Tinkercad as a publicly available design for use. 
Level of Difficulty: Medium - the design featured  was straightforward and was easily created once the students had sourced the 'Batman' that was the key piece of the design.  Once it had been selected it was simply a matter of resizing it, dropping a hole into the design to hollow it out, and then placing it on a stand.   While these are very basic steps they needed to all work in unison to be successful.
Time fame: Seventeen hours - this design was the right size for the project, consideration could have been given to reduce the height of the base, this would have reduced the print time, the base as it stands was 10mm thick and could have been made 5mm. 
Size: The base of the design was a hexagon that had 80mm sides.   The thickness of the base was 10mm.   The entire design had a length across of 140mm.   The lettering for the name was 80mm in length and 5mm high.   The 'Batman' design, which was the focus for the print was 90mm across and the point of the ears was 120mm.    These dimensions would have been about right for the print given the original plan and idea.
What we would do differently/Next steps for students: The print featured facial designs that included significant rafting that needed to be gently removed.  This has left some filament that has remained on the facial area of the design.   This can be removed however it is a process that takes time and care to get it right.   There are several products that are available to assist with this process.

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