Wednesday, September 12, 2018

3D Printed Repurposed Print

Above: Design shown as finished product
Challenge: Student have previously created a significant Glow-In-the-Dark print - which was featured on this blog at the start of the year. 
Background: The horse had been printed onto its own stand, however due to an accident the horse was damaged.  The idea behind this print was to take the damaged print and salvage it to make it useable again.  The student needed to consider the balance of the horse - and produce a way in which to hold it in place and also the consider its composition.  With the original print snapping at the legs a decision was made to use pliers to remove the legs at approximatley the same point.   The student then created the base to work in conjunction with the print.   The student choose to feature their name on the base as shown in the photograph and was completed successfully on the first print.  This allowed a broken print of significant size to be used in a meaningful way.
Level of Difficulty - Low - the print itself is a previous version of a design that was found online and freely available.   The design of the base of the print, the lettering and the jumping horse poles were all straightforward items and options from the main Tinkercad interface.
Time frame: Six hours - this was conceivably longer than should have occurred as the student created a base that was 10mm thick and could easily have created the design with a 10mm base.  The width and lettering on the design was about right for the project.
Size: the measurement dimensions of the project were 70mm by 70mm for the duration of the design.  Width of the design as noted.  The lettering was 20mm high. Given the purpose of the design and the size of the horse that it needed to be the base for these dimensions was correct - although the thickness of the base as noted could have been reduced. 
What we would do differently/Next Steps for Students: This took a broken significant print and re-used a key part of it in a meaningful and successful way.

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