Tuesday, September 25, 2018

3D Printed Lettering in Action...

One of the numbers on display in place.
Background: As previously detailed on this blog the student concerned designed a set of numbers, representing the classrooms at Auroa Primary School.   Each number was to show the designated place where a classroom of students needs to line up in the event of an emergency or evacuation (fire drill, earthquake drill).    The purpose of this was to - have a practical design task for 3D Printing that could be used actively in the school, to solve an issue (the original numbers had been previously designed and ordered at a time that didn't reflect change in the school, the school needed to increase one number as that classroom didn't have a number when the set was originally purchased).  It also serves another purpose.   We have speculated in the past about how robust the 3D Printing PLA would be when left out and exposed to the elements.   The prints have been place on an exposed and open area of the school (as this is the assembly point) and they are attached by a cable tie and open to the
The numbers in display in the assembly area.
elements.    Having been in place for two weeks we are noticing a slight discolouring with the lettering (the orange was with hindsight perhaps not the best colour choice although it is a theme colour of our school uniform and signage), however the PLA itself is holding up well in a high wind area.

Next steps: We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the PLA in outside conditions to look for other opportunities to print in such conditions.  The potential for there being individualized signage and prints that is striking and effective in a range of school situations.

The details of the original print project can be located and found here.

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