Saturday, August 18, 2018

3D Printed Lettering - Classroom Identification Numbers

Project Overview: Over the course of the last week the student in charge of the classroom has been working to produce individual lettering for each classroom in the school.  This process has been detailed in the previous post on this blog. 

Each of the featured numbers followed a similar design process, that is they were created using the basic Tinkercad Interface and had holes introduced into the design to allow mounting onto a wire fence.

We had the process of design and we were looking at a practical task - to ensure that our classrooms at school had a marked location which was easily recognizable in which to assemble outside for Fire drills.  We also are going to be testing the ability of the 3D Printed PLA Designs to withstand the outside environment - to check for weathering, damage etc. 

How could it apply to you in the classroom: Individualise you classroom badge or numbering on a school wide basis.  You could colour code your numbers or even look at using glow-in-the-dark filament for affect (although having said that would you be present at the classroom during darkness).  You could also personalise a door with lettering and instructions (such as do not enter without a teacher, when door is closed filming is in progress etc).

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