Tuesday, August 28, 2018

3D Printed - Refined and Improved iPad Stand/Storage

Above: Design in profile
Challenge: For student to create a new and improved iPad stand with significant storage and to minimise the amount of PLA used for printing.
Background: The student who designed this had input from a number of other students in the classroom who had completed similar projects.   The student concerned wanted to learn from others and produce a project that would minimise the PLA required to complete the project, but also allow an iPad stand to be created, that would also allow the storage of considerable materials and stationary.   In addition to this a strong personalisation would occur of the design which was created by the student featuring his name prominently in the design.   The student completed this design and did so in exceptional circumstances - there was some slight Tinkering prior to completion.   He changed his name to include a capital letter and it was centered more.   He also reorientated the design to include more of it centred in the middle. 
Level of Difficulty: High - to complete this print with the dimensions that were produced with minimum PLA used is extremely difficult.   This student has a proven flair for design with what is essentially his first large scale project.   He has had input from other students however the project and dimensions were extremely successful.
Above: Design in use
Timeframe: Seventeen hours - while those of you who are not familiar with 3D Printing might think that this timeframe is excessive given the scale of the project however earlier versions of this type of print have been anywhere to five hours on top of this.   Given the dimensions and detail this is an exceptional use of PLA to complete the project. 
Size: The main block that forms the base of the design was 100mm across and 170mm long.   The base was 20mm thick or wide.    The 'Bailey' lettering was 70mm in height.  The storage container that is behind the middle point of the print measured an additional 75mm from teh base.   As it was designed for storage the inside was hollow.    Generally the width of the print was 3mm which would be the minimum required for the strength of the sides.   Nothing from this would be changed in hindsight.
What we would do differnently: This was an exceptionally designed and created print.   Given all of the factors related to this print no changes would be made.   This is going to be an example used to show others what is possible.
Next Steps for students: The lid of the storage container was dropped down to allow for the creation of a lid to go ontop of the design.   This would allow the storage to be sealed. 

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