Monday, August 6, 2018

3D Printed Display Lettering

Challenge: For students to create a series of numbers for display purposes suitable for outside to act as markers for classrooms to assemble during a fire drill.
Background: The students were tasked with producing a series of 3D Printed numbers, one for each classroom.  The idea was that these numbers would be placed in the area where the school has assembly in the case of emergency (when there is a fire drill, earthquake drill etc).   These numbers previously had been produced and were metal, however these were of small size and they blended into the chain fence.  The solution was to 3D Print replacements, as they would be much more identifiable and also durable - the location meant that they would be exposed to the elements.  The student involved in this project is a ten year old student who has demonstrated considerable design ideas and creation skills.   There was no input from the teacher into this project.
Level of Difficulty: Low - the basic design for this shape was a simple number that was generated by the basic Tinkercad interface, with a straightforward font selection.  The only additional aspect of this was the construction of two holes dropped into the design.   This was to allow the design to be secured to the wire fence.
New number adjacent to the older steel version in location
Time frame: Four hours.   This design was printed with minimal rafting. 
Size: The dimension of the designs were a width of 120mm at the base rising to a height of 135mm.  The design had a width of 30mm and was 10mm thick.  Given the purpose of the project and the print these sorts of dimensions were ideal.
What we would do differently: Minimal - given the brief and what was attempted to achieve the results of this were as expected. 
Next Steps for students: We have placed 3D Prints generally inside in the past so we are interested in seeing the effect of having the print outside and exposed to the elements during Winter in New Zealand.  We believe that the PLA will not erode or significantly deteriorate but are interested in seeing the level of colour fade over time.  Additional projects for this could be the number or naming of classrooms.

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